Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Harvest of the Malicious Arts

And now, it's time to reveal the whole artwork for TRIAL's EP, Malicious Arts! As always, things went very well with the collaboration between H.E.G. and the TRIAL guys. I guess the Devil was pulling our strings at the same time, for the same Act. I love the way the whole design came out - oldish, grim, vintage...the Sabbath! This was also the hand of their bassist, Andréas Olsson, who did the digital part for the art of this release. It came out better then I thought! But, let's not forget that all of them had contribuited for the visual part of this manifestation.

Front cover for TRIAL's EP - Malicious Arts (digital art by Andréas Olsson from Trial) 

Back cover for TRIAL's EP - Malicious Arts (digital art by Andréas Olsson)

 I suggest you take a look at some of the other bands the TRIAL guys play in. One of them would be ENSNARED - a really cool Death Metal band! I hope Andreas Johnsson and Martin Svensson will release something soon with their Death Metal project called REPENTANCE. Some of them played in ABSCESS PLAGUE, a dead Death Metal project, like a corpse. But, isn't this the fun part about corpses? That they are dead?

And now, unleash the wild storm in the dead of the night! Ride the midnight winds with the Devil! THNHM!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The first TRIAL of 2013

After having so many problems with HATRED ENGINE GRAPHICS and a long time missing from the Metal scene, mostly artistically, I am proud to present a part of my artwork for TRIAL!!!

I always enjoyed working for these guys! TRIAL is growing, evolving. It will have much to offer in this future release. Things went very well, as always, but this does not mean it was easy. Hard work is the key and we all gave this project our best! Looks like the year 2013 started well for HATRED ENGINE GRAPHICS - it feels like a corpse rising from it's grave after being buried for a very long time.

For my friends and foes also: I'm not dead! Just rotting! 

This is just a preview of the artwork. I will upload the whole thing after the guys release their EP, MALICIOUS ARTS. Bow down to the Devil!!!

More uploads about this in a couple of weeks. Until then, check out my other artistic project that some of you don't know perhaps:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I would like to thank all of those who until now refused to pay me for the services I provided! Hatred Engine Graphics has now reached the limit where more then half of the artwork I did got ripped-off! I've been thinking: is it worthy to keep this up? Should I keep sacrificing my time, effort and skills on people that don't pay me ever?!?! People that have to pay me shit money for more than a year and even more than that. People that now use my designs and shamelessly give me shitty replies when I beg for what is rightfully mine. I always supported the Underground scene and this is what I get in return. All I can say is that metal people and punks and whatever the fuck you are called are just another category of human scum and slaves. Even my new project - VAENVS OBSCVRA - the second head of my artistic manifestation, nearly started and I got fucked in the ass there as well. In cases like this I really wish that the Wheel of Karma exists. I hope you rot!...ah....don't worry! I won't give up!
With hate, 
C.Mizerie - Hatred Engine Graphics

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Finally! The Satanik Terrorist Elite zine is out! The third issue of it. For more information read what's on the flyer below. I just received it today in my email.

I am pleased that I did the front cover for the zine and I also appreciate the fact that he used my drawing for the flyer as well. Bestial regards form Hell comrade!!!

Only PRINT and DEATH are real!!!

The final front cover for the zine with the logo on it. 
Looks dirty and necro, the way a fanzine is supposed to be!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I just finished today the front cover for the SATANIK TERRORIST ELITE zine from Mexico. My hand hurts as hell from drawing but it's all cool now! What the hell?! I hope my hand rots now and falls off and then I'll feed it to some hyenas at the local Zoo!

Death will triumph always! Your a Satanist... Christian... Buddhist??... white.. black.... doesn't matter! You will ALL die! ONLY DEATH IS REAL!!! 

The only webpage with info about the zine:

I'm waiting to get my hands on the zine myself!!!

Reanimated corpses - Omega Portal

Today I remembered that the Sitra Ahra blog was closed for some time. So, I asked my friend if he is still using the banner I did for him because it would be a shame to lose it. Maybe somebody else will need it so I am making this available again. Feel free to ask me about it. It's available!

The blog was closed because we created Haunted Grave zine. Only paper is real!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Old corpses with new corpses on parade

This "Plague nuns" drawing is an old one but I didn't post it yet because the assholes from Crucifiktor (motherfucking rip-offs) said they will use it for their front cover but ever since they refused to pay...well...fuck off!! Somebody else will use it. Somebody who will PAY for it!

And another one that I finished not so long ago is also available. The grave stone will be the perfect place to put the song titles. A good piece of work for a raped-corpse back cover. I designed this for Crucifiktor, but ever since they are rip-offs, somebody else will use this. Piss off Crucifiktor! Don't you dare use this!